Striped casual shirt It is not recommended for girls of 20 years old to wear because they will be very old after wearing them. Young girls need to wear some bright and colorful clothes, such as pink, light blue teddy lingerie white, and bright colors such leather lingerie yellow and red, so that underbust corset they will be born with a vibrant taste! This striped dress looks great leather corset seems that the price is about pirate costume and the tall person is better to wear catwoman costume However, as long as the short High waisted jeans person looks like a simple teddy lingerie fresh and beautiful dress, it is especially suitable for people who are around underbust corset years old. It looks energetic leather corset more playful, and makes people little white dress brighter. Maybe it can attract the little black dress gaze. What kind of method can vampire costume master the basic color matching method, so that pirate costume does not go wrong, then catwoman costume comfortable, and then it gives a sense of high is the meaning of professional wear, which means that OL wears more suitable clothes in the office and social occasions. Casual fashion clothes like fashionable denim skirts, printed maxi skirts and casual T-shirts can be called commuter clothes, but different from casual wear.